New Member Swearing In
  • Have you sworn into the post yet? Swearing in new members happens at each Post Meeting.
  • There is currently a financial incentive program running until July. The Post will receive extra money for every single member sworn in during this time. But we only receive the money if you get sworn in, that is the qualifying event.
  • If you have not been sworn into the Post, then now is the time!

GA War Veterans Nursing Home needs supplies- keep it coming
  • Last year Post 29717 supported the GA War Veterans Nursing Home (aka The Blue Goose) with 3 large donation deliveries
  • Their need never ends, I hope your generosity will not either. We will continue to support our Brothers and Sisters at the Blue Goose for the years to come.
  • They are specifically asking for the following items:
    1. Denture Cream
    2. Skid Resistant Socks- Need to have a rubber bottom, regular socks are not allowed.
    3. Deodorant
    4. Shampoo and Conditioners
    5. Bodywash
    6. Razors- these get discarded after 2 uses, so inexpensive razors are fine.
    7. Shaving Cream
    Brand names do not matter, if it helps your dollar go farther, buy the less expensive brand.

No Once Does More For Veterans